I grew up in the 90s and still now, there aren't many brands out there for the skate park and for the streets. At the same time, with true meaning behind the brand.
The skaters wore surf and sport brands, skate brands were limited. Home boys in the hood wore whatever while trying to stand out. Branding was for pop fashion, idol chasing, and big business. There was nothing on the street, for the street.
Now we got it...
Casual Crims is made for the street, for the people, for fun - for YOU!
Casual Crims is for Everybody that’s Done Something!
For the different and unique,
The youth and the wise,
From the grand to the petty,
Whether timid or bold,
So if you want to show off where you belong, you do it with what you wear. So if you belong to the skate park, or just someone that likes to chill in your area, don't be like everybody else and wear something different.


After 12 hour shifts, making money for a boss while getting unappreciated for my hard work and ideas, unfair dismissal plus getting redundant 3 times, it was time to start my own business.

I knew I had great friendly customer service within many different industries and a niche for creating domain/company names. But thought, what can I give to the public?

I noticed something. People are wearing the same clothing brands for years with no edge and little did most know what the brand was actually about, or who the creator was. Do they just wear it because it’s expensive or most shops sell it? What do you know about what your wearing now?

So I decided to create a street wear brand that just about everyone can relate to. I have also dropped the recommended prices to be much more affordable for everyone, therefore I don't make much money per item but at least I know YOU can enjoy it.

Casual Crims – Everybody’s Done Something!

Have I been to Prison or am I part of a organised crime gang? NO!

I created Casual Crims so I can be my own boss, support my family, and give people something unique to wear. It took me weeks of refining the brand writing the way I wanted it, all up 7 years before the website released. The man in the logo is actually me, scaled down!

After years of tweaking, it’s here, the clothing brand for the people and for the streets. Enjoy.


Jorge B

Casual Crims Creator


P.S I'll be donating $1 from each item sold to Multiple Sclerosis Australia. Dedicated to my brother.

Including a free gift and stickers to all orders.