Casual Crims is a streetwear clothing brand that pays homage to the vibrant spirit of the 80s, 90s while embodying a true sense of authenticity. In a time when limited options existed for individuals who thrived in the streets, skate parks, and alleyways, we recognized the need for a brand that resonates with our unique experiences and values.

Back then, skaters had to settle for surf and sport brands, while those in the hood tried to stand out with whatever they could find. Mainstream fashion catered to popular trends, celebrity worship, and corporate interests, leaving the streets devoid of representation.
But times have changed.
Casual Crims fills the void by capturing the essence of the street culture and the memories we create in those dynamic environments. Our clothing is designed for those who dare to be different, encompassing individuals from all walks of life—whether young or wise, from the ordinary to the extraordinary, and encompassing both introverts and extroverts.
At Casual Crims, we believe that your clothing should be a reflection of your identity and belonging. Whether you're a regular at the skate park or someone who cherishes moments spent chilling in your neighborhood, there's no need to conform to the masses. Embrace your individuality, stand out, and express yourself with our unique gear that truly represent who you are.
Join us in celebrating the spirit of the streets and become a part of the Casual Crims community. Elevate your style and show the world where you belong.

                      THE CREATOR

Casual Crims was born from the desire to break free from the confines of the 9-to-5 grind. After enduring long hours and being undervalued in various industries, facing unfair dismissals and redundancies, it was time to chart a different course.


The creator behind Casual Crims recognized a knack for friendly customer service and a talent for crafting memorable domain and company names. But a deeper realization struck - people often wore clothing without understanding the brand's essence or the creator's story. Why should fashion be about empty labels and expensive price tags?


Thus, the vision for Casual Crims was born - a streetwear brand that everyone could relate to, with prices that were affordable for all. It may not yield immense profits per item, but it ensures that YOU can enjoy it.


Let's address the elephant in the room - have I been to prison or am I part of an organized crime gang? Absolutely not. Casual Crims is about empowerment, relatability, from being the cool, to taking it to the EXTREME, not criminality but maybe just before it!


It took seven years of refinement, from crafting the brand's identity to designing the clothing, before the website saw the light of day opening in June 2022. The man in our logo? That's me, shrunk down, symbolizing the journey, the steps away from the ordinary, and the steps towards the extraordinary. It hasn't been an easy road, but the journey continues.


After years of tireless effort and ongoing progress, we proudly present the clothing brand for the streets and for the people. Enjoy...


P.S. In memory of my late brother, we'll be donating $1 from each item sold to Multiple Sclerosis Australia. We're also committed to supporting mental health through our partnership with R U OK? We also actively back local businesses, communities, upcoming artists, and musicians global.

Sponsorship opportunities are available, and we sweeten the deal with a free gift or sticker pack on all purchases!



Jorge B

Casual Crims Creator/Designer For Any Enquires.

Trademark & ABN Registered Since 2017